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Welcome to Laughery Valley Veterinary Hospital!

Laughery Valley Veterinary Hospital provides quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Dillsboro, Indiana, and the surrounding communities. Our modern and inviting hospital boasts superb veterinarians and a caring support staff that is dedicated to our patients, clients, and community.

As a full-service animal hospital, we offer the following:

Please call (812) 689-6984 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

Parasite Control - Hookworms

A super hookworm has wiggled its way into the 21st century. 

These resistant hookworm species have spilled over to the pet dog population. This is a public health concern because hookworms can infect people through skin contact, causing a condition known as cutaneous larval migrans. 

This 20th Century hookworm mutating into a 21st Century drug-resistant hookworm can become a big problem because of dog parks, boarding kennels, and other places where dogs congregate.

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3908 E US Hwy 50
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